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Start-up coaching and start-up heart package 

A founder's heart beats within you and you would like to or are you already founding a free place of education, a free democratic school or a community in which you grant young people the rights of self-determination and co-determination?  

It is more than valuable, urgent and necessary that you realize your vision, act now step by step and remain true to your values! 

Starting a business is a time-consuming, labor-intensive and challenging path that is worth taking. In almost 20 years I have been able to do many  Gain wealth of experience, valuable knowledge as a founder and a lot of practical experience, which I make available to you with start-up coaching and/or a unique green heart package.

Gründerpaket  Kopie 3.jpg

This unique package will save you hundreds of hours of work time. And not only that! This start-up package will make your implementation much easier, support you in your trust and your clear direction and, above all, give you a lot of practical and very concrete information. 

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