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I would like to ask you for your support?

If this website has touched a chord with you and you would like to contribute to its continuing development and help to draw people´s attention to the idear behind Sudbury Schools, please provide support financially or otherwise. Also, part of the money will be used to support a new learning place in Senegal (Afrikca).

With your financial support or by recommending your friends and acquaintances to visit this site, you can make a significant and valuable contribution to positive change as an advocate of children’s and adolescents’ right to self-determination and co-determination.

Thank you very much!



Unfortunately, I cannot provide tax-deductible donation receipts.

The address data will be handled in complete confidence and not passed on to third parties!!!
For donations over 50 euros/dollars you will be sent confirmation in the form of an invoice.


You can also provide financial support by direct bank transfer. Please send me a email. I will replay with all the necessary informations.  

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